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Funding Priorities

The Foundation focuses its support in three major areas:
Education, Health, and Human & Social Services.

Fuqua Education


We believe that a solid education is key to an individual’s success and the generations that follow. Though J. B. Fuqua could not afford college, he borrowed books through the mail from Duke University and was a life-long learner. During his lifetime, he and the foundation supported numerous colleges, independent schools, and other education initiatives. Currently, the foundation primarily supports targeted programs which help underserved youth significantly improve their current performance and future prospects.


Our health related grants are divided into two categories:

  • General Health – We believe that access to resources that improve health outcomes for families and children is essential for a thriving community. We are interested in efforts that have the potential to influence systemic change in improved access, affordability, and treatment particularly for underserved populations.
  • Mental Health – We believe that mental health issues should be treated with the same level of respect, attention, and care as physical health issues. Recognizing that mental illness is often misunderstood, stigmatized, and chronically underfunded, we have a particular interest in advancing the conversation, care, and research in mental health. We are interested in initiatives which help educate, reduce stigma and improve access to care particularly for underserved populations with mental health issues. We also support research into the causes of mental health disorders which could lead to more effective interventions.


City of Refuge

Human & Social Services

We believe there will always be a need for human and social services to assist individuals and communities in their everyday lives. We support community organizations which help the most vulnerable populations enhance their lives. We favor organizations that collaborate with others to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of services.


We occasionally fund projects outside of our priority areas that were of particular interest to our Founder or are of particular interest to current Trustees.

Wherever J.B. and his wife, Dorothy, apply their interest, you will find a major advancement at that institution. The point is, where they do select to make their gifts, there will be this profound impact at the institution.

– Charles H. "Pete" McTier, former long-time President and Trustee of The Robert W. Woodruff Foundation